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Midleton Commercial Vehicle Test Centre
Co. Cork
P25 E370
51.914372, -8.134459

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Fitzgerald Commercials Ltd is an independent Commercial Vehicle Sales and Repair Centre. We have also recently achieved NSAI approved Vehicle Bodybuilder Status. Click on the link below for more information.

Fitzgerald Commercials Ltd

Our Range of Services

  • HGV Testing
  • LGV Testing
  • Safety Inspections
  • Tachograph Calibration
  • Speed Limiter Calibration
  • Vehicle Plating
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We offer a full range of HGV (Heavy Goods Vehicle) and LGV (Light Goods Vehicle) testing. Our online booking system makes it easy to book a test. To make a booking, just click the 'Make a booking' link above. Full information on how to locate us and about the test requirements and prices are provided on the tab links above. You can also visit the website, .

Light Goods Vehicles (LGV) Test Retest
3.5 tonnes or less €111.16 €43.58
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Camper Vans Test Retest
2 axel €76.86 €35.45
3 axels or more €94.48 €44.29
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Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGV)
Vehicles 3.5 tonnes - 7.5 tonnes €168.26 €58.13
7.5 Tonnes (2 Axles) €198.34 €72.67
7.5 Tonnes (3 Axles) €235.63 €90.81
7.5 Tonnes (4 or more Axles) €258.42 €101.71
Trailers / Semi-Trailers (in excess of 3.5 tonnes) €166.40 €65.37
Ambulances €166.74 €58.13
Buses €233.96 €90.81
Vehicle Plating (Up To 46 Tonnes) €95.00  
Tachograph Calibration (2 years) €160.00  
Tachograph Calibration (6 Years) €160.00  
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All the above prices include VAT.

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